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BBQ with the Morgan Leigh Band Hey Zeus | Blogger
05/08/2017 | Filed In: Morgan Leigh Band |

BBQ with the Morgan Leigh Band

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The Morgan Leigh Band is a popular Southern California band that you may never have listened to, but you should. They have performed at Country Coastal Jam, Huntington Beach, where they opened for Jake Owen. They’ve opened for Justin Moore at Country Coastal Jam in San Diego. In between performing at festivals, they tour the country performing at smaller venues and local bars. The band consists of Morgan Leigh (lead vocalist), Paul Coughlin (guitar), Marc Bilderbach (guitar), Gus Flaig (drums), Reuel Zavala (violin/banjo), and Eric Cihonski (guitar).

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to join them entertaining a crowd of country lovin’, BBQ eating patrons at the Old Crow Smokehouse in Huntington Beach. In between bites of baby back ribs and mouthfuls of pulled pork, they answered a few of my questions… after they asked me a few of their own.

HeyZeus: Nice to meet you too. How’s the food here?

Morgan: It’s really good. We’ve played here a few times before and we LOVE their food. Would you like a taste? (holding out her tray with both hands)

HeyZeus: (staring at the delicious looking BBQ sauce on her fingers and wondering if licking it off would be frowned upon)
No, thank you, the last time I licked a singer’s hand, my interview ended abruptly.

Morgan: What?!

HeyZeus: Nothing.

(At this point, we’re joined at the table by Paul, Marc and Eric)

HeyZeus: So, let’s get started. Tell us about yourself.

Reuel: We’re a country rock band. We’re based out of San Diego. We perform songs that we’ve written, as well as some cover songs.

HeyZeus: What can an audience expect to see when they come to your show?

Morgan: They’ll see a high-energy band that is engaging and loves what they do. We love to have fun with our fans and we’re a little sarcastic.

HeyZeus: Do you find that some country music fans get turned off because you play with a little rock?

Reuel: Sometimes, but when they see me take out the violin, they hang around, because it piques their interest. They weren’t expecting us to incorporate a violin. We’ve had people tell us that they thought about walking out, until they heard us play. Then they decided to stay for the entire show.

Morgan: The toughest roadblock that we face is people assuming that because we’re from California, we can’t possibly know what country music is all about. We try and break that preconceived notion right away.

HeyZeus: When did you “know” that this was the right style for your band?

Paul: Chicago… we knew in Chicago.

Reuel: We played in a bar in Chicago and the energy was just electric.

Morgan: The crowd was pumped, maybe it was the alcohol, but we didn’t care, they were a really great crowd.

Reuel: Before the show we decided that we were going to be a little more energetic than usual and I think the crowd fed off of us and we fed off of them. And ever since then, that's the approach we take at each show.

HeyZeus: Your high-energy performances have earned you the opportunity to open for acts like Jake Owen and Justin Moore, what was that experience like?

Morgan: It was just amazing! The crowd was fun, the performance is on the beach, it’s just a surreal experience.

Reuel: We love performing our songs for fans, especially in a festival setting. It’s a great opportunity to perform new songs and get a feel for how people will receive it.

HeyZeus: How did they receive you at Country Coastal Jam?

Paul/Morgan: Awesome! Great!

Morgan: The fans were great. We got to open for two headliners. The whole experience was just incredible.

HeyZeus: You have a song named “Jack”, is there a sponsorship there or do you all just really like Jack Daniels?

Reuel: Both. I don’t know how it happened, but a Jack Daniels rep came and gave us a bunch of JD merchandise and JD bottles, so we gave stuff away at our shows and we drank the bottles. Our song “Jack” was already out, so maybe one led to the other? I don’t know.

Morgan: But we do like drinking Jack, sometimes before, during, or after a show.

HeyZeus: So if I send you a drink during your show, you’ll have a drink with me?

Paul: If you’re buying, we will!

HeyZeus: That sounds like a plan. Finally, what’s next for The Morgan Leigh Band?

Paul: We have a few shows at bars throughout Southern California and some private events, as well as a festival appearance in early June. So, we’re keeping busy.

HeyZeus: (making eye contact with Morgan, then looking at the newly acquired BBQ sauce on her fingers) Well, thank you so much for your time. I’d better get out of here before I decide lick Morgan’s fingers.

Everyone: What?!!?

HeyZeus: Nothing. Break a leg.

For more information on the Morgan Leigh Band, visit their official site here

With the type of style, energy, charisma and humility, that the Morgan Leigh Band possesses, it’s only a matter of time before people realize that country music isn’t limited to a certain region of America. It can be found anywhere, especially in Southern California.

Get more of The Morgan Leigh Band here


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