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Hanging with country artist, Jay Tighe Hey Zeus | Blogger
05/18/2017 | Filed In: Jay Tighe | Country | Hey Zeus

Hanging with country artist, Jay Tighe

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Jay Tighe is a talented singer, writer and all around great performer. He has won many awards throughout his career and has recently released his debut album, with 11 tracks, all of which were written by Jay, himself.
Jay has been traveling across the western United States writing, recording songs and shooting videos. Jay took some time out during one of his recent trips, to answer a few questions about his life, career and future.

HeyZeus: So Jay, tell us about yourself

Jay: Well, I live in San Diego. I’m originally from St. Louis, MO. I record and work with some very talented musicians in Arizona. I love writing music! I love the fact that I can open up and share my stories and experiences.

HeyZeus: Who were your musical influences?

Jay: Growing up I listened to everything; Country, Pop, R&B, everything. I truly enjoy the writing aspect of music, the lyrics. Now, I enjoy listening to; Rascal Flatts, Sam Hunt and especially Kenny Rogers, he’s incredible!

HeyZeus: What do you do for inspiration in writing your songs?

Jay: My writing themes come from everywhere. They come from past life experiences, love, heartaches, etc. I try to, make the songs that are relatable to people. My song, “Red Flags”, is a song many people can relate with, because too many of us have had similar experience. I come across fans that say “You’re telling my story in that song”.

Hey Zeus: If you could record a duet with any country music star, who would it be and why?

Jay: I LOVE power vocals, so I really love female country singers Hillary Scott and Carrie Underwood

Hey Zeus: So maybe you can be a reverse Lady Antebellum, two female singers and one male singer. You could be called “Mullebetna Ydal”.

Jay: Why would we be called that?

Hey Zeus: It’s Lady Antebellum in reverse

Jay: (silence)


Hey Zeus: There’s a lot of talk about what should and shouldn’t be considered, country music. In your opinion, what’s country music?

Jay: The stories are what make country music, country music. If people can relate to it, if it tells a story that’s relatable to country fans, it’s country music. I call it “modern country”. It’s taking other genres and combining them. That’s how music evolves, how it grows, and develops. Music is ever changing.

Hey Zeus: What do you love the most about country music business?

Jay: I love entertaining. It’s awesome! I Love the fans and their enthusiasm. My fans are a constant source of encouragement, motivation, and support. I especially love the positive feedback I receive on social media. They are the people that support him and he truly enjoys it. Experience something new everyday. Just the other day, a young woman messaged me and told me that she had made “Driven” her anthem for her training in completing her first half-marathon. I truly appreciate and enjoy hearing their stories.

Hey Zeus: Route 91 Harvest Festival is in September, in Las Vegas. If you were headlining at Route 91, what three artists would you want joining you at Route 91?

Jay: Sam hunt, I love his energy and he is a great entertainer. I would want Hunter Hayes, because he is amazingly talented. He can play a variety of musical instruments and is just so much fun to watch. And Kenny Rogers, the man is a legend. He has so many hits, that I enjoy listening to, plus who better to enjoy Las Vegas with, than the Gambler himself.

Hey Zeus: What’s next for Jay Tighe?

Jay: I’m working on a new album. My third single “All for Me” will be accompanied with an acoustic video. Starting in the fall I’ll begin performing live events. My performance schedule will be up on

For more on Jay Tighe, you can find him on iTunes or visit him at He is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube.


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