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Interview with musician Stephanie Grace Kix Hot Country | Blog
04/25/2018 | Filed In: Stephanie Grace | Country

Interview with musician Stephanie Grace

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By: Ruth Hill on April 8, 2018


Because I am a former music teacher, that art form will always be something that resonates with me on an intense level. When I happened upon this enterprising musician, Stephanie Grace, I chose to reach out to her for an interview, and in spite of her incredibly busy schedule, she was refreshingly prompt in agreeing to answer a few questions about her career and music. As I finally have a brief moment to breathe, I am thrilled to feature this young lady whose beauty and passion are matched flawlessly by her indisputable talent.

RH: What inspired you to become a singer?

SG: Singing was something I always enjoyed doing… around the house, in the car… gradually in the school choir and at karaoke nights… and eventually at local venues and singing competitions. The thrill of being on stage is what inspired me. The first time I sang in public, I was seven years old and three minutes on stage was all it took for me to fall in love with performing.

When/Why did you start writing music?

With Taylor Swift

I started experimenting with songwriting in elementary school. I got to meet Taylor Swift at a festival we both performed at in 2006. (I got to perform before her after I won a singing competition.) She strongly encouraged songwriting. It truly is an incredible outlet and that little push from her was all I needed to get into it and make it a regular and important part of my life.

What instrument (s) do you play?

It’s funny, I actually don’t play any instruments. (Unless you count the tambourine on occasion, HA!) So many people ask me how I’m able to write songs without playing an instrument and my answer is simple: I focus on the lyrics and I work with some incredible co-writers (who DO play an instrument, haha!).

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as country/pop.

When did you begin to seriously pursue your career in music?

I would say things became pretty serious when I started going down to Nashville and recording original material. I was fifteen! And have been working hard ever since (now twenty-one).


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