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Blake Troli Mornings

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Blake Troli

If you're reading this Bio expecting to hear all about the interesting life of a radio personality well then exit my link and read Somebody else's. I'm honestly the most basic guy I know. Anyways a little bit About me I grew up in the Inland Empire, Claremont to be exact where I lived all throughout my childhood. After graduating high school I went on to attend college in Montana. It was there that I got involved with college radio. After all my friends told me what they thought of my show, I knew right there and then that I should definitely be a business man. Well apparently I was a worse business man than a radio personality. You see I was driving home after getting the old "we'll be in touch" at a huge fishing company when I saw a radio station on the side of a highway. Well I did what any sociopath would do and called them asking for a job. And here I am today, still happily doing radio!

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