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The SLVR Tongues: Entertaining Fans from California to Nashville Hey Zeus | Blogger
06/23/2017 | Filed In: TheSLVRTongues | S-Class | Johnny Cash | Nashville | Country Music | HeyZeus

The SLVR Tongues: Entertaining Fans from California to Nashville

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A vixen, a metal head, and a Swede walk into a country bar… No it’s not a joke, it’s how today’s featured artists, The SLVR Tongues, met. Hannah Huntley, James Lynch and Peter Erik make up the country music trio named, The SLVR Tongues.

Their songs, about drinking, exes, and a country music legend, have earned them continuous radio air-play on hundreds of radio stations across the country, but their social media presence, sense of humor and genuine affection, for everyone they meet, has made them immensely popular amongst country music fans and non-country music fans, alike.

I was fortunate to have a FaceTime conversation with Hannah and James, while Peter is in Sweden visiting family. We talked about their childhood, future goals, and Hannah’s inability to stop touching her hair during their recent video for “S-Class”, which resulted in a new drinking game for the band and their fans. Here now is my interview with the immensely talented The SLVR Tongues.

HeyZeus: Alright SLVR Tongues, tell us about yourselves and how did you get into music.

James: I got into music and theatre by the age of five. I loved the performing element of theatre, but I hated show tunes. My first favorite band was Steppenwolf (Born to be Wild) so my dad got me an electric guitar at the age of six. I was really into music at a really, really young age.

Hannah: I’ll never forget, my family and I were on a road trip, and we were all singing, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. My aunt had us all sing one by one, because she liked the way one of us was singing and she wanted to see who it was. From that day on, my family would have me sing at all the family gatherings.

HeyZeus: When did you decide that you wanted to become a band?

James: I was already recording with a heavy metal band at the time that Hannah and I worked at The Saddle Ranch, on Sunset Boulevard. She had wanted to get together to collaborate, but I was like, No thanks Christina Aguilera. But, one night Hannah came in and sang during karaoke night and I realized that she could definitely sing, so we started writing.

Peter, used to come into the bar and I knew he was a very talented guitarist, so I asked him to join Hannah and I and we started writing and together.

HeyZeus: Who does the writing for the band? Is it one person or collaboration?

Hannah: We both do the writing for the group. When we first started, James would come over to my place before he went in to work and we would write. Then he’d go to work, I’d write a little more then I would go into work. We just discovered that we wrote well together. We had sessions early on, where we would just sit down together, and Peter would play his guitar and songs just started flowing out.

HeyZeus: So you started in Southern California, when did you decide to move to Nashville?

James: Hannah wanted to move before I did… so she did. But I stayed a little longer, but the truth is, that LA is so spread out it’s really hard to develop a music scene or develop a buzz. Nashville has such a vibrant music scene, that it’s comparable to what the LA music scene was like between the 60’s and 80’s. So, I had to admit Hannah was right, and I moved to Nashville, exactly one year ago today.

Hannah: Say that again?

James: Can you omit that last part from the interview?

HeyZeus: (crosses fingers) Yes, I’ll make sure it doesn’t make the final print.

HeyZeus: Where does the name The SLVR Tongues come from and do the letters stand for anything?

Hannah: We liked the name the silver tongues, but that name was taken, so we took a different twist on the spelling and that’s where The SLVR Tongues came from.

James: The SLVR could stand for something or it could stand for nothing, nobody knows. It’s like the scene from the movie War Dogs, “What does IBM stand for? Nothing. It’s just a bunch of letters.”

HeyZeus: (LOL!) That’s a great scene!

HeyZeus: Speaking of great scenes, Hannah, in your video “S-Class” you had a couple steamy sex scenes.

Hannah: Yes? (looking at me waiting for the question)

HeyZeus: No question. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed watching them.

Hannah: (Laughs awkwardly because she doesn’t know if I’m serious)

HeyZeus: Seriously though, was that you, were you nervous, or did you have a body double?

Hannah: Yes, that was me and I was super nervous! But the actor I was working with, in the scene, was a friend of the director, he’s a DJ in Nashville, so he helped me be a little less nervous during the scenes.

HeyZeus: For, our female fans out there, when will the guys be filming some steamy, shirtless, romantic scenes?

James: Actually, I did shoot some sex scenes for this video, but they didn’t make the final cut.

Hannah: Here’s a little Easter egg for you, if you watch the video, there’s a barn scene, with a projector showing scenes on a screen. Playing on the screen is James’ bedroom scene. Zoom in next time you watch the video.

HeyZeus: With the big debate about what is and what isn’t country music, what does each of you consider country music?

James: Country music is changing very quickly; it’s changing and mixing with everything. To me country music has always been about the instrumentation and the lyrics. Lyrically, country music is the best genre for lyrics, because it tells the best stories. Country instrumentation and a great story, that’s what I consider country music.

Hannah: Our world is changing so quickly, nowadays people who grow up in small towns, still have access to the internet, so they are aware of the changes taking place and current events around the world.
Country music is also changing with the times. People are putting their own spin on country music to evolve with the times and current country music is introducing people to traditional country music. People that wouldn’t normally listen to Reba, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, are being introduced to them because of current country music. So, current country music is keeping the country music genre, alive.

HeyZeus: What is your favorite summer drink?

James: Jameson on the rocks!

Hannah: Grey Goose and lemonade… for nostalgic reasons.

HeyZeus: What is your favorite drinking game?

Hannah: We have a game that is on SLVR Sundays that we just introduced. You have to take a drink, EVERY TIME, I touch my hair in our “S-Class video”

HeyZeus: What can fans expect from The SLVR Tounges in the future?

James: We have some things in the works that, if they come together will be, AWESOME!

Hannah: But in the meantime, we have smaller, short-term goals, which will lead to our BIG goal. We’re going to continue with SLVR Sundays, continue writing and recording some of our songs, finish our album and keep moving forward towards our goal. So keep an eye out for weekly updates.

HeyZeus: Any final words for your fans and people that haven’t heard of The SLVR Tongues?

Hannah: We are just so very thankful and grateful for all of the love and support from our fans and everyone we come across. There’s nothing more wonderful than having people sing songs that you wrote, back to you at a concert. There’s nothing better than that… except maybe cheesecake.

HeyZeus: So, if we could have a concert, where your fans sang along while you ate cheesecake, that would be a dream come true?

Hannah: Yes, exactly, THAT, would be perfect for me!

The SLVR Tongues are a giant presence on social media. They entertain fans, both new and old, with their online concerts, videos and crazy shenanigans. If you haven’t heard of them be sure to check them out on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… everywhere!  
IG: TheSLVRtongues
FB: The SLVR Tongues
Twitter: @TheSLVRTongues


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jcurry41 on 10/10/2011 @ 8:06 AM wrote:

I am sooo happy that you are now up here in Joshua Tree. I followed you the whole time you were in San Diego, even when you changed stations. I was very sad when you left, and now that I found you again, I am back with you. Thank you for coming here to us here.


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